Our Amenities

Whether you or your loved one wants to embrace retired living with an independent drive or would like to take advantage of our planned activities and established amenities, there’s plenty to choose from. With conveniences like our great Family Business and well-maintained Credit, Cash, Check Accepted, we’re confident there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Covenant Columns Manor.

Dance Practice
Smiling Senior Woman
Nursing Home

Family Business

This is among our more classic offerings at Covenant Columns Manor. Since setting it up a few years ago thanks to generous donations, we’ve been surprised to see how quickly our Family Business became one of the most popular amenities. Our residents love spending long afternoons here while building connections with fellow seniors.

Credit, Cash, Check Accepted

Having a Credit, Cash, Check Accepted at our Assisted Living Facility has always been a priority for us. A Credit, Cash, Check Accepted makes it possible for everyone to get actively involved in building a healthy community. It’s been a great focal point for our social and educational activities. We invite you to schedule an appointment to check it out for yourself.

Competitive Pricing

Our Competitive Pricing provides incredible options for continued healthy living at Covenant Columns Manor. Each of our residents has different preferences and restrictions, which is why we carefully manage our amenities to provide something that is right for everyone. If you’d like to learn more about our Competitive Pricing, please get in touch.